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Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG


(Available for hydrogeologic and geologic consulting and contract work.  Professional Synopsis)

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Extensive experience in hydrogeology, geology, and computer applications.  Experience also includes environmental geology and petroleum geology.  To see a list of types of hydrogeologic work that I have performed, with examples of projects completed, click here.  To see a list of types of geologic work that I have performed, with examples of projects completed, click here.

Worked as an employee of engineering firms, government agencies, universities, a petroleum company, and as an independent consultant to engineering firms, law firms, mining companies, petroleum companies, manufacturing companies, land developers, geothermal developers, government agencies, agricultural firms, and other types of clients.  Taught university courses in geology and hydrology at undergraduate and graduate levels.


2008 - present: Independent Hydrogeologist and Geologist, Colorado Springs, CO. (A Sole Proprietorship Business)

Wrote a water resources report for a Colorado subdivision.

Performed aquifer pumping test analyses for an engineering firm (east Africa).

Performed a peer review of a water resources management plan based on a MIKE SHE/11 integrated surface water and groundwater model for Broward County, Florida.

Developed computer programs for modern analysis of aquifer step test data and applied them to actual step test data for "confined" and water table aquifers.

Applied U. S. Geological Survey's WTAQ to water table aquifer pumping test data.

Applied U. S. Geological Survey's DP_LAQ to leaky aquifer pumping test data.

Applied DP_LAQ and DERIV to fractured karstic aquifer pumping test data.

Reviewed injection well testing methods.

Reviewed published values of aquifer storativity and their derivation.

Developed a method for estimating the probability of success in aquifer exploration.

Provided a non-technical explanation of coastal saltwater intrusion.

Analyzed subdivision water well interference using analytical element model.

Developed python program to calculate aquifer transmissivity from water well specific capacity.

Developed python programs for computerized contour mapping.

Investigated the use of analytic element modeling to simulate mine dewatering via wells and compared to MODFLOW.

11 Years:  Supervisor, Groundwater and Surface Water Planning Section, Water Resources Division, Department of Environmental Protection, Broward County, Florida.

Managed the development of an integrated surface water and groundwater model using the DHI (Danish Hydraulic Institute) Mike She and Mike 11 models and applied the integrated model to the operation of canal system control structures and municipal wellfields for water resource planning and management.  Supervised quality assurance checking and sensitivity analysis.

Managed the development of a county wellfield protection model using MODFLOW and innovative Fortran code.

Managed coastal saltwater intrusion monitoring and analysis.

Project manager for saltwater intrusion modeling (SEAWAT).

Represented the county on committees and working groups involved in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program, state water resource regulation and planning, and FEMA flood mapping.

Performed surface water quality modeling regarding discharge of wastewater to surface water and calibrated to water quality measurements.  Used QUAL2K and EcoLab.

Performed surface water flow modeling with MIKE 11/MIKE SHE to explore stormwater management options.

Analyzed artificial groundwater recharge possibilities.

Responded to public inquiries on water related issues and presented water related information at public meetings.

Managed the development of GIS applications for water resource management.

Concurrent Consulting

Developed a groundwater model of solute transport (TCE) in fractured rock at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas (using MODFLOW and MT3DMS) for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Reviewed documents related to a water well construction contract for a Montana law firm.

2 Years:  Independent Consulting Hydrogeologist, Denver, Colorado.

Lead an independent peer review team in an evaluation of groundwater data and modeling used to support the DOE's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Certificate of Compliance Application for radioactive waste disposal near Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Reviewed data from pumping tests, tracer tests, drill stem tests, pressure buildup tests in halite and anhydrite, and room-scale brine inflow tests.  Reviewed the analysis of the data via test analysis software.  Reviewed the use of the data in site-wide contaminant transport modeling that involved kriging and inverse modeling to develop calibrated transmissivity fields for use in the finite-difference groundwater flow modeling and solute transport simulations.  Also reviewed finite-difference simulation of repository contaminant release scenarios.

6 Years:  Earth Sciences Manager, Lead Hydrogeologist, Advanced Sciences, Inc., Denver, Colorado.

Managed corporate-wide Earth Sciences Group.

Managed development of OU13 RCRA Facility Investigation/Remedial Investigation (RFI/RI) Work Plan, Rocky Flats Plant, Golden, Colorado.

Provided senior technical guidance and review for performing and analyzing pumping tests and tracer tests in low-permeability materials at Rocky flats Plant.

Provided senior technical guidance and review for site-wide geologic characterization, groundwater cutoff-diversion studies, groundwater recharge and vadose zone studies at Rocky Flats Plant.

Served on Independent review teams performing technical quality assurance reviews of work supporting groundwater parts of the Performance Assessment for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Carlsbad, New Mexico.  Reviewed pumping tests, pressure buildup tests, slug tests, contaminant transport computer modeling, halite permeability tests, brine inflow tests.  Traced data to its origin and evaluated its quality.

Performed groundwater flow and solute transport computer modeling to support the OU5 RFI/RI risk assessment, Rocky Flats Plant.  Used MODFLOW, MT3D, and MODPATH groundwater modeling software.

Developed the groundwater hydrology part of a Hanford Remedial Action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), Richland, Washington.  Included site-wide analytical solute transport modeling.  Wrote EXCEL spreadsheet macros for batch flushing calculations for cleanup duration of contaminated groundwater plumes.  Contributed to geologic and surface water parts of the EIS.

Performed analytical groundwater contaminant transport computer modeling for the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory High Level Waste Tank Farm Replacement EIS.

Supervised groundwater flow computer modeling at Edwards Air force Base, California.

Provided senior review on groundwater monitoring and remediation tasks for various Federal Aviation Administration Sites in the western United States.  Primarily underground storage tanks.

Provided technical support for subsurface testing for the design of a soil vapor extraction system at the Puerto Rico Air National Guard base (LNAPL contamination).

Performed senior review of numerous landfill regulatory compliance audits for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

2 Years:  Manager of Hydrogeologic Modeling, IT Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Managed the hydrogeologic modeling group.

Managed site-wide groundwater fate and transport modeling for the U.S. Department of Energy's Feed Material Production Center, Fernald, Ohio, using the SWIFT III computer model and particle tracking programs on a UNIX system.  Complex five-layer model.  Used the model for RI/FS and engineering cost analysis of pump and treat remediation of a large dissolved uranium plume.  Developed numerous supporting FORTRAN programs for pre-processing and post-processing model data.

Managed computer mapping of contaminated soil at an abandoned uranium processing plant, Apollo, Pennsylvania, using SURFER.  Developed a supporting FORTRAN program to interpolate and project contaminant concentrations.

Performed quality assurance review of groundwater flow modeling (MODFLOW) for planning closure of a hazardous waste site at Vine Hill, California; and developed FORTRAN code to link MODFLOW to a particle tracking code.

Provided technical support for hydrogeologic work at CERCLA Superfund sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

13 Years: Independent Consultant in Hydrogeology and Geology, Bozeman, Montana

Performed an investigation for obtaining a permit to drill a petroleum exploration well in a residential area and monitored water quality and quantity at water wells and springs while the well was drilled.

Performed numerous groundwater supply investigations, involving hydrogeologic analysis, aquifer tests in test wells and production wells, water well design and construction, aquifer safe yield.

Performed numerous environmental geologic and hydrologic investigations, water rights investigations, geochemical, and geothermal resource investigations.

Designed and supervised the construction of a geothermal well for heating a commercial building.

Performed many investigations for law firms; including groundwater contamination, water well construction (including borehole imaging), waterlogging of land , water rights, water well interference, slope stability, and open-pit and underground mine dewatering effects. Gave depositions and testified in court.

Designed a groundwater monitoring plan for the tailings site of a large underground gold mining operation.  Designed and step tested monitoring wells.

Performed a baseline environmental geology study for a large proposed platinum mine in the Stillwater Complex, Montana, including engineering geology and snow avalanche hazard.

Performed the Montana Statewide Wastewater Impoundment Assessment for the Montana Water Quality Bureau, which involved evaluating the groundwater contamination potential of industrial, municipal, oil field, and agricultural wastewater impoundments throughout the state.

Performed the hydrologic part of a Federal Energy Administration investigation of the possibility of developing a large energy facility in the high plains coal region, which included evaluating potential groundwater and surface water depletion and contamination.

Investigated a claim that enhanced petroleum recovery operations contaminated potable groundwater.

Performed surface water investigations, including flood hazard analysis, irrigation ditch design, and low streamflow frequency analysis.

Designed and supervised clogged injection well rehabilitation at a paper mill.

Performed a study of effects of agriculture and urbanization on groundwater levels and groundwater quality, Gallatin Valley, Montana.

Investigated the effect of adding nitrogen fertilizer to irrigation sprinkler water on groundwater nitrate concentrations.

Designed plugging procedure for a leaking seismic shot hole in a saline seep.

Used finite-difference groundwater model to estimate groundwater inflow to a proposed open pit coal mine.

Taught a geology field course for high school teachers.

Miscellaneous work included water quality sampling, slope stability analysis, coal resource assessment, and earthquake hazard analysis.

Wrote computer programs (FORTRAN, BASIC) for hydrologic and geologic applications, which included simulating solute transport in groundwater systems, calculating multiple well drawdown due to cyclic pumping, calculating stream depletion by water wells, simulating water table mounding, transmissivity estimation, and various statistical procedures.

3 Years: Associate Professor of Geology, University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

Taught undergraduate courses in groundwater hydrology, environmental geology, geomorphology, and geology for engineers.

Taught graduate courses in groundwater hydrology, groundwater modeling, watershed hydrology, and hydrogeologic measurements.

Performed research on the development of a finite-difference computer model of soil moisture movement for the U.S. Office of Water Resources Research.

Supervised a research project that involved monitoring the hydrologic system at a new industrial park where groundwater drainage pipes were installed.   Constructed 36 water table monitoring wells.   Installed and used monitoring equipment, including Stevens recorders, Keck water level sensing devices, tensiometer nests, soil moisture detector nests, stream stage recorders, and a pyrheliograph.   Supervised data collection and analysis.

4 Years: Assistant Professor of Geology, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana

Taught courses in groundwater hydrology, advanced hydrogeology, and historical geology.

Performed research on computer simulation of the hydrologic systems of mountain watersheds, including gathering field data on watersheds and comparing field data to computer results.   Performed research on the streamflow effects of snowpack augmentation by mountain weather modification.

1 Year: Groundwater Geologist, Alberta Research Council, Groundwater Division, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Characterized the groundwater hydrology of the Stettler area, Alberta, Canada. Measured water levels, collected water quality samples, and analyzed water quality data from water wells.  Aquifers included Cretaceous sandstone, fractured shale, and buried bedrock valley sand and gravel.

Wrote FORTRAN programs to process and interpret lithologic and hydrologic data.

Wrote a FORTRAN program for a finite-difference groundwater flow model and applied it to simulating a municipal water well field.

Developed a statistical method to evaluate the probability of the existence of buried bedrock valleys using seismic shot-hole data.

3 Years: Research Assistant and Assistant Instructor, University of Illinois, Urbana

Conducted research on watershed hydrology.

Assisted teaching stratigraphy (including geophysical borehole log interpretation), paleontology, and historical geology.

Summer employment with the Pure Oil Company in Saskatchewan and Illinois involved hydrodynamics problems related to oil accumulation and production.

5 Years: Petroleum Geologist, Pure Oil Company, Olney, Illinois; Grand Junction, Denver, and Durango, Colorado

Performed subsurface geologic mapping and stratigraphic analysis, geophysical borehole log interpretation, well site geology, surface geologic mapping, petroleum prospecting, oil field development, and petroleum reserve estimation in Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois. Investigated cause of tilted oil/water contacts in Illinois Salem Limestone oil fields.


University of Illinois, Urbana

BS with Honors in Geology. Split minor in mathematics/biology. Awarded the Geology Department's Socony-Mobil scholarship.  Honors Thesis: Statistical analysis.  Typical undergraduate program including stratigraphy, paleontology, historical geology, physical geology, structural geology, mineralogy, geomorphology, and field geology.

Ph.D. in Geology. Thesis, "Hydrogeology of the Stettler Area, Alberta, Canada." Course work stressed hydrogeology and petroleum geology. Graduate level courses included Hydrogeology, Advanced Hydrogeology, Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Engineering Geology, Quantitative Geology, Clay Mineralogy, Advanced Dynamic Geology, Advanced Historical Geology, Paleozoic Stratigraphy, Petrography, Sedimentary Petrography, Sedimentary Petrology, Sedimentation, Micropaleontology, Applied Differential Equations, Advanced Calculus, and Advanced Statistics.

Research assistant on streamflow recession analysis.


Mike She/ Mike 11 Integrated Groundwater and Surface Water Model (5 day).

Mike Flood Model (5 day).

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (2 day).

Water Quality Sampling (3 day).

Supervisor Training (5 day).


Hands-on software experience includes: DOS, Microsoft Windows, Unix/Linux/Ubuntu, FORTRAN, BASIC, PYTHON, MODFLOW, MT3DMS, UTCHEM, Groundwater Vistas, MODPATH, SWIFTIII, MIKE SHE, MIKE 11, MIKE FLOOD, EcoLab, QUAL2K, 3DFEMWATER, AT123D, SOLUTE, WTAQ, DP_LAQ, DERIV, AQTESOLV, HEC-2, ArcView, ArcMap, SURFER, CONTOUR, Analytic Element Models, Visual Groundwater, MS-Project, Internet Browsers, Word Processors, Spreadsheet Software, Image Manipulation Software, et cetera.

Have written own code for finite-difference groundwater flow modeling, analytic solution for multiple well drawdown, facies interpretation from lithologic logs, transmissivity from specific capacity, variable rate pumping test interpretation, water table mounding from areal source, water table rise from liner source, analytic solute transport model showing development of compound plumes on computer screen, batch flushing of adsorbed and decaying groundwater contaminants, slope stability, ground vibration from blasting, joint probability, multiple linear regression, k-means cluster analysis, miscellaneous small hydrologic and statistical programs.


Registered Professional Geologist, Wyoming, PG-679


Geological Society of America


McCue, Kimberly, Henrick R. Sorenson, Olaf Z. Jessen, and Darrel Dunn: An Integrated Groundwater/Surface-Water Model for Central Broward County: Florida Water Resources Journal, Vol. 54, No. 10, pages 20-24.

Dunn, Darrel: Three-Dimensional analysis of Saltwater Intrusion: City of Pompano Beach Area, Broward County, Florida; Broward County Department of Planning and Environmental Protection Technical Report 01-06.

Dunn, Darrel: Groundwater Quality - An Overview, Broward County, Florida; Broward County Department of Planning and Environmental Protection Technical Report 01-07.

Dunn, Darrel, and Michael Grove: Geothermal Heating System for the First National Bank of White Sulphur Springs, Montana; Report prepared for Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Renewable Energy and Conservation Program, Grant Agreement Number 503-771.

Dunn, Darrel: Montana Surface Wastewater Impoundment Assessment, Final State Report to the Water Supply Branch, Groundwater Protection Section, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Dunn, Darrel: Groundwater Levels and Groundwater Chemistry, Gallatin Valley, Montana, Blue Ribbon Areawide Planning Organization, Bozeman, Montana.

Dunn, Darrel:  Water Resource Investigation, Montana State Prison, Deer Lodge, Montana, Technical Report.

Dunn, Darrel: First National Bank of White Sulphur Springs Thermal Water Well Geologic Report; Earth Science Services, Inc.. 

Dunn, Darrel: Estimated Low-Flow Frequencies for Selected Streams in Southeastern Montana; Report to Yellowstone Tongue Areawide Planning Organization, Broadus, Montana.

Dunn, Darrel: Preliminary Investigation of Practical Methods for Estimating Low-Flow Frequencies of Streams in Southeastern Montana; Report to Yellowstone Tongue Areawide Planning Organization, Broadus, Montana.

Dunn, Darrel: HYDROSIM - Computerized Graphical Stream Hydrograph Simulation, Report No. 22, Montana Joint Water Resources Research Center.

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Dunn, Darrel: An Experiment in Deterministic Watershed Modeling; Water Resources Bulletin, 7, 1971.

Dunn, Darrel: Probability of Anomalies on Contour Maps: Ground Water, Volume 8, Issue 8.

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Islam, Nasrul, and Darrel Dunn: Recalibration and Consolidation of Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Models for Broward County; Broward County Environmental Protection Department, Water Resources Division.


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