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I am an unaffiliated hydrogeologist and this is my website. I welcome questions on any of the pages listed in the sidebar menu (hamburger menu for phones). I will also provide limited gratis responses to inquiries about other hydrologic and geologic topics. I provide some information and comments based on previous viewer inquiries in web pages titled Groundwater Topics, Surface Water Topics, and Geology Topics. My email address is in the footer below.

My most recent gratis responses involved hydrogen sulfide in groundwater.

My most recently completed project for a client was a groundwater resource assessment. This work involved gathering and analyzing information on the capacity of water wells and springs.

The three most viewed web pages on this site in October 2020 were the non-technical pages on (1) flow duration curves, (2) aquifer step testing, and (3) injection well testing.

I am currently working with MODFLOW 6 and MT3D-USGS. MODFLOW 6 is the most recent version of a widely used groundwater flow computer model created and maintained by the United States Geological Survey. MT3D-USGS uses output data from MODFLOW 6 to simulate the movement of dissolved substances (usually contaminants) within the groundwater model.


Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG


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