Welcome to my hydrogeologist website.

I welcome questions on any of the pages listed in the sidebar menu (hamburger menu for phones) or on any other hydrologic and geologic topics. You may search this website for topics that interest you by pressing the search icon (magnifying glass) near the top right corner of any page. I provide some information and comments based on previous viewer inquiries in web pages titled Groundwater Topics, Surface Water Topics, and Geology Topics. Address questions and inquiries to the email address in the footer below.

In addition to developing pages for this website, I provide hydrologic and geologic consulting services. My most recently completed project was a groundwater resource assessment in New Mexico. This work involved gathering and analyzing information on the capacity of water wells and springs.

My most recently published web page is MT3D MODPATH Correlation.

I am currently working on a web page involving the use of AT123D, an analytical groundwater solute transport model.


Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG


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