Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., P.G., Hydrogeologist - Geologist

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

 Email: ddunn@DunnHydroGeo.com

Hydrogeology and Geology Subpages

This is the home page of this website which presents hydrogeologic and geologic pages that I have developed on various topics.  The pages are referenced on the sidebar.  (You may have to click the menu icon [≡] at the upper left corner of this page.)  Pages written in non-technical language are marked with an "NT".  Those that use technical language are marked with a "T".   Click the magnifying glass at the upper right corner to find search terms addressed in pages of this website.  I hope you find interesting and/or useful hydrologic and geologic information related to your search query.   For more information, send an email.  Your questions and comments are welcome.

Hydrogeology and Geology Qualifications

I am a unaffiliated senior hydrogeologist with comprehensive and extensive experience in groundwater and surface water hydrology, geology, and computing (especially groundwater and surface water modeling).  In addition to earning a doctorate degree in hydrogeology/geology, previous professional employment has included:

See my Résumé for more information on my experience and qualifications.