Hydrogeology Experience - Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG

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Unaffiliated Hydrogeologist

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Wyoming Registered Professional Geology License PG-679.

Email: ddunn@dunnhydrogeo.comInquiries are welcome.

Previous hydrogeology work experience includes:

Performed hydrogeologic work in the following states and countries:

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Red is states and  provinces where I have worked.  Dots are locations of offices where I have worked.

The following content shows types of hydrogeology work that I have done, with one or more examples for each type. The list not exhaustive and the examples are not all-inclusive.

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🔳Integrated Surface Water and Groundwater Modeling

Groundwater Modeling (Senior Groundwater Modeler)

 Watershed Hydrology

Water Well Testing


Water Supply

Groundwater Quality

Groundwater Monitoring

Aquifer Safe Yield - Aquifer Depletion (Sustainability)


Water Resources Management

Groundwater Management

Water Resources Planning

Saltwater Intrusion

Water well construction

Water logging of land

Water rights

Mining effects

Basement Flooding

University Teaching - Hydrogeology

University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (Graduate level courses)

Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana