Professional Synopsis

Darrel Dunn

Darrel Dunn

Consulting Hydrogeologist - Geologist (DunnHydroGeo)

I am an unaffiliated geologist and hydrologist with advanced education and extensive experience, including the sub-disciplines of hydrogeology, environmental geology, engineering geology, and petroleum geology. My office is located in the Colorado Springs - Denver area, USA. I am organized as a sole proprietor doing business as Darrel Dunn - Hydrogeologist (aka DunnHydroGeo). My office is equipped with a Windows PC and a Linux PC. I have a substantial professional library. I maintain a presence on the internet, and publish pages on this website dealing with hydrologic and geologic topics. I maintain Wyoming registration as a professional geologist. I am within commuting distance of Colorado Springs and Denver, and can work as an individual consultant or contractor to clients located anywhere that licensing and residency requirements allow it. I have done geologic and hydrologic work throughout the United States (see below), and foreign work in Canada and East Africa. I use internet cloud services to share documents for remote employment.

I am qualified for advanced geologic and hydrologic work. I have a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in geology/hydrogeology. My graduate level education includes courses in hydrogeology, engineering geology, petroleum reservoir engineering, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, sedimentation, and mathematics (advanced calculus, applied differential equations, advanced statistics). I have done independent consulting for engineering firms, mining companies, real estate developers, petroleum companies, agricultural firms, state and federal agencies, law firms, and private individuals. My experience includes direct employment by universities (Montana State University; University of Toledo, Ohio) as a professor of geology and hydrogeology, by engineering firms as a senior hydrogeologist and groundwater modeler, by a government agency as a hydrologist in water resource management, and by an oil company as a petroleum geologist.

I have been using computer applications throughout my career. I have developed programs in Fortran, Python, and other languages; and can operate from the command line of a Linux terminal. Computing proficiency supports the use of public and open-source applications, which may be more cost-effective and/or suitable than proprietary software. I can also develop original code for special problems. I have extensive experience with groundwater and surface water modeling software, beginning with my Ph.D. Thesis and continuing to recent modeling.

Examples of hydrogeologic work are presented on my Hydrogeology Experience page. Examples of geologic (non-hydrologic) work are presented on my Geology Experience page.

Recent consulting topics include groundwater modeling, water resource assessment, slope stability, water well testing, water well construction, groundwater exploration, saltwater intrusion, springs, fractured aquifers, groundwater quality, and Colorado geology.

For more information, feel free to email My USPS address is P.O. Box 1361, Palmer Lake, Colorado, USA.

Darrel Dunn Experience Map

States and provinces where I have performed geologic and hydrologic tasks and the locations of offices where I have worked.