Professional Synopsis

Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG, Hydrogeologist - Geologist

Darrel Dunn

Professional Hydrologic and Geologic Status

I am an unaffiliated geologist and hydrologist with advanced education and more than 40 years experience, including the sub-disciplines of hydrogeology, environmental geology, engineering geology, and petroleum geology.  My office is located  in the Colorado Springs - Denver area, USA.   My office is equipped with Linux computers and I use Google Drive for cloud computing.  I have a substantial professional library.  I maintain a presence on the internet, and publish pages on this website dealing with hydrologic and geologic topics.  I maintain Wyoming registration as a professional geologist.  

Advanced Hydrologic, Geologic, and Mathematics Education

I have a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, in geology/hydrogeology.  My graduate level education includes courses in hydrogeology, engineering geology, petroleum reservoir engineering, geostatistics, clay mineralogy, stratigraphy, sedimentary petrology, sedimentation, ecology, and mathematics (advanced calculus, applied differential equations, advanced statistics).  My Ph.D. thesis was a regional hydrogeology study that included finite-difference computer modeling of the groundwater system supplying municipal water wells.

Experience in Hydrology and Geology  

I have performed geologic and hydrologic work throughout the United States, including all of the Rocky Mountain states (see below), and foreign work in Canada and Africa.  I have performed independent consulting and contract work from offices in Colorado and Montana for engineering firms, mining companies, real estate developers, petroleum companies, agricultural firms, state and federal agencies, law firms, geothermal developers, a university, and private individuals.  In addition to independent employment, my experience includes direct employment by (1) universities (Montana State University and University of Toledo, Ohio) as a professor of geology and hydrogeology, (2)  two nationwide engineering firms working from offices in Colorado and Pennsylvania as a senior hydrogeologist and groundwater modeler, (3)  Broward County, Florida, as a senior hydrologist in water resource management including the development of a countywide integrated groundwater and surface water computer model, (4)  the Alberta Canada Research Council Groundwater Division, and (5)  a major oil company as a petroleum geologist working on exploration and production in Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Illinois, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.  Examples of hydrogeologic work are presented on my Hydrogeology Experience page.  Examples of geologic (non-hydrologic) work are presented on my Geology Experience page.

Computer Experience

I have been using computer applications throughout my career.  I have developed programs in Python, Fortran, and other languages; and can operate from the command line of a Linux terminal.  I have extensive experience with both open source and proprietary software, and I have developed original code for special problems.  I have performed and supervised much groundwater and surface water modeling, beginning with my Ph.D. thesis and continuing to recent hydrologic modeling.

States and provinces where I have performed geologic and hydrologic tasks and the locations of offices where I have worked.

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