Hydrogeologist Website - Darrel Dunn

Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., P.G., Hydrogeologist - Geologist

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Email: ddunn@DunnHydroGeo.com

I am an unaffiliated hydrogeologist with extensive experience in hydrology, geology, and computing. I am available for consulting and contract work. See my Professional Synopsis for a summary of my experience and qualifications.

This website presents hydrogeologic and geologic web pages that I have developed on various topics. The pages are referenced on the sidebar. (Viewers using mobile devices may need to click a menu icon at the upper left of this page.) Pages written in non-technical language are marked with an "NT". Those that use technical language are marked with a "T". These pages (1) provide hydrologic and geologic information for internet searchers, and demonstrate the use of computer software in hydrology and geology.

Use the above email for questions or requests.