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Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., P.G., Hydrogeologist - Geologist

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Email: ddunn@DunnHydroGeo.com

I am an unaffiliated, independent hydrologist and geologist with comprehensive and extensive experience in groundwater and surface water hydrology, geology, and computing. My geology experience includes environmental geology and petroleum geology. See my Professional Synopsis for more information on my experience and qualifications.

Hydrogeology and Geology Subpages

This website presents hydrogeologic and geologic web pages that I have developed on various topics. The pages are referenced on the sidebar. (You may have to click a menu icon at the upper left corner of this page.) Pages written in non-technical language are marked with an "NT". Those that use technical language are marked with a "T". Click the magnifying glass at the upper right corner to find search terms addressed in pages of this website.

Use the above email for questions, comments and requests. They are welcome.

I am available for consulting, contract, and temp work.