Geology Experience - Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG

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Unaffiliated Senior Geologist and Hydrologist, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wyoming Registered Professional Geology License PG-679.

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Geologic Employment

Previous geology work experience includes:

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Places of Geologic Work

Performed geologic (non-hydrologic) work in the following states and provinces:

Types of Geologic Work

The following content shows types of geology work that I have done, with one or more examples for each type.   The list is not exhaustive and the examples are not all-inclusive.

Petroleum Exploration

Petroleum Reservoir Analysis

Earthquake Hazard

Slope Stability and Landslide Hazard

Snow Avalanche Hazard

Coal Resource Assessment

Environmental Geology

Mining Geology

Performed the geologic parts of an environmental assessment for a subsurface platinum/palladium mine (slope stability, earthquake hazard, snow avalanche hazard.

Performed a coal resource assessment on a ranch in Montana.

Statistics in Geology

International Experience

University Teaching - Geology

University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (Associate Professor)

Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana (Assistant Professor)

University of Illinois, Champaigne/Urbana (Instructor)

Contract Teaching