Geology Experience - Darrel Dunn, Ph.D., PG

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Unaffiliated Senior Geologist and Hydrologist, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Wyoming Registered Professional Geology License PG-679.

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Geologic Employment

Previous geology work experience includes:

  • Independent consulting geologist.

  • University teaching at assistant and associate professor levels

  • Petroleum geologist for a major oil company

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Places of Geologic Work

Performed geologic (non-hydrologic) work in the following states and provinces:

  • Colorado

  • Wyoming

  • Montana

  • Nebraska

  • Nevada

  • Illinois

  • Indiana

  • Louisiana

  • Texas

  • Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Alberta, Canada

Types of Geologic Work

The following content shows types of geology work that I have done, with one or more examples for each type. The list is not exhaustive and the examples are not all-inclusive.

Petroleum Exploration

    • Explored for petroleum in Colorado (Denver-Julesburg Basin, NW Colorado, Colorado Plateau), Wyoming (DJ Basin), Utah, Nevada, Illinois, Saskatchewan, and Alberta for a major oil company. This work included well log interpretation, surface and subsurface geologic mapping, stratigraphy, hydrodynamic analysis of petroleum systems, and well site operations.

Petroleum Reservoir Analysis

  • Reservoir mapping, DST pressure analysis, reserve calculations, interpretation of sloping oil-water contacts.

Earthquake Hazard

    • Assessed earthquake hazard at a proposed mine site (Montana).

Slope Stability and Landslide Hazard

    • Estimated slope stability at proposed real estate subdivisions (Montana).

    • Served as expert witness on the effect of irrigation on landsliding and testified in court (Montana).

    • Assessed the stability of slopes near a proposed mine in a mountainous area (Montana).

Snow Avalanche Hazard

    • Assessed snow avalanche hazard along an access road at a proposed mine in a mountain valley (Montana).

Coal Resource Assessment

  • Assessed value of coal resources on a ranch (Montana).

Environmental Geology

  • Environmental compliance assessment of coal company properties (Louisiana, Texas).

Mining Geology

Performed the geologic parts of an environmental assessment for a subsurface platinum/palladium mine (slope stability, earthquake hazard, snow avalanche hazard.

Performed a coal resource assessment on a ranch in Montana.

Statistics in Geology

    • Performed statistical analyses of stable isotope data on methane from different geological provinces in California. Press the button 🔳 to see "California Methane Stable Isotope Data Analysis."

    • Published paper on "Probability of Anomalies on Contour Maps."

    • Performed a statistical analysis to see if sub-species of a fossil species were significantly different. (Honors thesis for geology bachelors degree.)

International Experience

  • Petroleum exploration in Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada.

University Teaching - Geology

University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio (Associate Professor)

  • Environmental Geology

  • Geomorphology

  • Geology for Engineers

Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana (Assistant Professor)

  • Historical Geology

University of Illinois, Champaigne/Urbana (Instructor)

  • Stratigraphy Laboratory

  • Historical Geology Laboratory

Contract Teaching

  • Geology for High School Teachers (Summer course)